SMB 101: Graduating from Excel

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Moving along in our series on Small Business 101, we’re sharing an article from Xero on moving from Excel to real accounting software. This is a natural phase and transition that many businesses go thru, and for good reason. When you first launch your new company, resources are tight and volume has often not yet picked up to a level that requires anything more than a good memory or a spreadsheet to keep things straight.

But there comes a time when a business must graduate from newborn status and jump right into a more grown-up (read, ‘professional’) way of doing things. There are functions like invoicing, PO’s, and customer statements that will give you a legit appearance; and there’s features such as bank reconciliations and reporting that will make managing your finances a lot easier as you grow. Having things ‘where you need, when you need’ it makes running a small business a lot more efficient than trying to remember which version of that Excel file is most recent and up to date. Click below to hear Xero’s thoughts and several other reasons why good accounting software can benefit your business:

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