Xero TaxTouch for Sole Proprietors

 In Accounting, Software

We work with a lot of young and small businesses. Many of those start out- and often remain- as a one man show which are also known in the tax world as a sole proprietor or Schedule C Business. For many reasons, these solo shops often straddle the fence between personal and business functions and create a bit of a mess when it comes to accounting records and tax compliance. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools that help keep things straight between the business itself and the personal matters of its owner. One of the newest solutions that we are most excited about is the TaxTouch app from Xero, aimed at making categorizing business activity and allocating between personal and work transactions as easy as a swipe to the right or the left. In addition to the ease of splitting the activity up, it also helps group the business transactions together for use during tax time, which helps for compliance and tax planning.

Click here to learn more if you’re a freelancer who wants to keep things clean!

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