SMB 101: Cloud Computing

“Cloud”, the ever generic buzz word these days for anything technology-related. Well, as broad as its definition and scope may be related to computing and internet driven technology, it plays a huge role in business and creates significant potential for systems and processes that are used in everything from operations and marketing to reporting and analysis. For accounting, this means new ways of keeping financial records that help drive decision-making and more efficient means of managing the details.

Below is the 3rd and final part of our Small Business 101 Accounting series that we are sharing from our software partner, Xero; their article outlines some of the advantages to using cloud-based systems in your business. As users of cloud accounting systems ourselves, I might also add that the largest benefit we’ve seen from our experience is the ability to connect accounting with a multitude of other solutions to automate recurring functions and define consistent processes that make each component of your organization operate more smoothly and allow for higher levels of focus in other parts of the business that demand more attention.

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