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Workflow and process design are simply too valuable to ignore. Yes, managing a workflow strategy certainly takes some time out of current processes to properly plan, revise, and implement- but having good quality info that is readily available is too beneficial in the long term to overlook in the short term. With the changing technologies and innovative solutions that come and go, our processes, too, must constantly evolve to take advantage of the tools around us. The risk of not periodically considering this part of business management is discussed in a recent article by John Kahler in CFO Magazine:

any time spent tracking down incomplete information, correcting data or clarifying narrative is considered rework and waste. In most cases, problems with source data are noticed long after the fact by someone far from the point of origin. This rework interrupts the workflow and delays production of reports and analysis.

Especially in today’s age of cloud computing and internet connectivity, the opportunity to connect much of our systems together to achieve seamless workflows adds increased efficiency across the board. Regardless of the business unit or departments involved, the end goal is for more timely and relevant info on the company level, so working to prevent the necessity to back track and retrace at the source makes the time investment on the front end worthwhile. So do yourself and your business a favor and invest in some planning as well as some of the available tools that add value to your bottom line. You’ll be glad you did when you no longer find yourself looking backwards at month-end reporting or during the performance reviews that help you make decisions on the future.

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